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Piece of the Month

The aim of the Piece of the Month cycle is to promote awareness of the collections of the National Historical Archive through regular exhibitions of some of its most representative documents

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Events: conferences, courses and seminars

The National Historical Archive organises different history and archive-related events:


A selection of reproductions of documents on the Baroque period is currently on display in the entrance hall of the National Historical Archive, giving prominence to the writers and artists of this brilliant moment in cultural history (Lope de Vega, Calderón, Velázquez, etc.).

The Archive collaborates with other institutions in organising exhibitions by lending originals; this is arranged through the Reference Department.

Guided tours

The Archive provides guided group tours under the following conditions:

  • Primary school (fifth and sixth class), secondary school, baccalaureate, university and specialised course students.
  • Maximum group size is 24 people.
  • During morning opening hours.

In order to book a guided tour, the teacher, co-ordinator or group leader must contact the Archive Reference Secretary (tels.: 34 91 768 85 22 and 34 91 768 85 18) who will inform you of available days, opening times and the necessary procedures for this.

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