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This website doesn't provide communication tools to enable schools to communicate with others. Our aim is just to provide a common meeting point for those schools wishing to start a joint project, either actual or virtual.

If your school is willing to find a partner, email us your application form:

  • School  twinning will be made upon request date, school/project features and availability. See disclaimer and limitation of liability below.
  • The Education Office will appreciate any information on the twinning completion.

If you are interested in finding a school on your own, you may use the following links:


For North American schools:

Ministry of Education of Spain: Schools directory                                                   


For Spanish schools:

Great Schools: School directory

CAL ( Center for Applied Lingüistics) Schools with Immersion programs directory

K-12 Directory of

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Use of this website/emails is at your own risk. Twinnings will be provided upon availability without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether express or implied.

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