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The Education Office in the USA and Canada provide a common meeting point for those schools wishing to start a joint project, either phisically or virtual.

If your school is willing to find a partnership, please, fill in the form you will find in the link below:

1. For schools in Spain looking for a partnership in the USA or Canada. Link externo

2. For schools in Canada or the USA looking for a partnership in Spain. Link externo


 The partnerships:

  • The partnership could be done online or physically.
  • The partneship of schools will be coordinated according to the information obtained through the form filled and the order of reception of the applications.
  • The Education Office will be just the link to start the partnership, once the schools are placed together, it will be them who will have to continue with the project in an autonomous way.
  • In a way to be informed about the projects being conducted, please, write an email with the information to the following email address: e-mail


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Use of this website/emails is at your own risk. Partnerships will be provided upon availability without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether express or implied.

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