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University Actions

Since the 2010-11 academic year, one education advisor has had the specific task of collaborating with the internationalization strategy of Spanish Universities. The education advisor, through collaboration, hopes to expand upon the actions of the Spanish Office of Education in the United States by implementing the same programs currently taking place in the United States and Canada. The new educational advisor is located at the Real Colegio Complutense (RCC), an institution established through an agreement between Harvard University and Complutense University to facilitate the mobility and collaboration between Spanish universities and Harvard University.

General Actions and Aims

  • Prepare and update the database of agreements among Spanish universities and the universities in the USA.
  • Participate in conferences and meetings related to Higher Education such as NAFSA (Association of International Educators), HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities), IIE (Institute of International Education), and the European Career Fair.
  • Provide comprehensive reports on the general aspects of universities: grants, loans, administrative managements, etc.
  • Collaborate with international offices and Vice Provosts for International Affairs at Spanish Universities to develop projects with universities in the USA and Canada.
  • Create relationships with businesses, foundations, and universities to support projects which transfer knowledge.

Goal and Programs in the Boston region

To facilitate the visibility of Spanish researchers in the Boston region as well as the mobility and collaboration between Spanish universities and universities in Boston. To reach this goal we have created annual activities as well as other activities that follow particular agendas according to the current needs.

Annual Events


  • Night of the Researchers: Following the initiative of European “Researcher’s Night” we organize this celebration in the USA on the last Friday of September. In 2011 researchers from Spain and Harvard University united via the internet to discuss scientific endeavors before the general public with the express purpose of motivating young people to pursue careers in science.
  • International Innovative Dialogue Series (IDD): Once a month, Spanish researchers located in the Boston area, along with researchers from Harvard University, MIT, as well as researchers from other universities in Spain facilitate dialogue via the internet at the Real Colegio Complutense to discuss innovative research, its impact, and its application to society. This new program began in March 2012 with the goals of facilitating mutual knowledge about innovative projects in both Spain and the United States, along with promoting future collaborations.
  • Virtual Seminars between Spanish Universities and Boston Universities: In the spring of 2012, the educational advisor facilitated a virtual seminar between MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s Department of Urbanística y Ordenación del Territorio (DUyOT). Students participated in four virtual sessions in which they shared their work. The goal of this program is to implement this seminar experience at other universities in the future.

Other Activities

  • Provide institutional support for projects affiliated with universities, councils, and foundations by attending events while promoting and promulgating project-related activities and information.
  • Coordinate and guide tours to area research centers
  • Provide a variety of resources to visiting Spanish researchers. Such resources include bibliographic resources, language exchange contacts, and area accommodations. 
  • Create alliances between businesses and universities.
  • Facilitate activities to improve visibility and networking among Spanish researchers.

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