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Profesores Visitantes en EE.UU y Canadá

The Visiting Teachers in the USA and Canada Program is an international cooperation program supported by the Ministry of Education/Embassy of Spain and several departments of education and school districts across the United States and Canada.

This program offers U.S.and Canadian school districts the opportunity to recruit highly qualified bilingual teachers from Spain to teach at elementary, middle and high school levels. At the same time it provides students, parents and educators with the opportunity to work with professionals who are native speakers of the target language, bringing a valuable international perspective to American or Canadian classrooms.
The visiting teachers make a one to three year commitment to teach in the United States or Canada, provided that the school district agrees to rehire them. Participating districts employ these teachers in accordance with state regulations and policies and pay them according to their experience and certification level.


Visiting Teachers from Spain Informative Brochure 

The recruitment process works as follows:


U.S. and Canadian districts apply to participate in the program.

Positions are announced in the Official Register of the Ministry of Education of Spain. Applicants submit their résumé, with full documentation of their education and experience. The Ministry of Education determines eligibility.


The selection committee from each participating school district or state travels to Spain to interview candidates. The Ministry of Education assumes travel and lodging expenses of representatives.
The State Department of Education or participating school districts prepare the applications for the J1 visas for the selected teachers.


The selected teachers receive orientation in Spain and/or the US and Canada.
Participating departments of education and/or school districts, in collaboration with Ministry of Education representatives, provide initial support and continued mentoring to visiting teachers.


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