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Spanish Government run schools in the U.S.

Spanish Language and Culture Schools (Agrupaciones ALCE)

The Agrupaciones were created to provide complimentary Spanish language and culture courses for students who are unable to access instruction in Spanish language and culture in the country where they study. This instruction takes place outside of the students’ regular school hours, generally in locations granted by the educational institutions of the country of residence. These classrooms are compiled within an organizing structure called the Agrupación de Lengua y Cultura españolas.
The intent of the program is to promote cross-cultural competence by supplementing the full integration of Spanish children in the social environment and school system of their country of residence with a course designed to preserve their cultural identity. The course strives to respect and maintain the language and culture of origin as a means for personal development, while using the resources of both countries for the students’ cultural enrichment.
In the U.S., the Spanish Language and Culture Group Headquarters are based in New York.

Bilingual Schools Sections (Secciones españolas)

The so-called Secciones españolas form part of the Ministry of Education’s language and culture promotion operations abroad. The objective is to extend the access to Spanish-regulated education by integrating it into the respective countries’ educational systems. The Sections create an intercultural educational experience that promotes bilingualism.
The Spanish Sections offer participating students a framework to study Spanish language and culture during regular school hours within the educational system of their country of residence. The Spanish educational system develops the Spanish Language and Literature curriculum, and works in conjunction with the corresponding country to develop and integrate a curriculum for Spanish History and Geography.
In the U.S., the Ministry of Education has two such School Sections established in foreign-owned centers:

UNIS (United Nations International School, New York City (New York)

Miami Dade International Studies Program (PEI), Miami (Florida)





Listado de centros:

Sección Española de Miami: Ada Merritt K-8 Center

Ada Merritt K-8 Center 
660 S.W. 3rd Street
33130 Miami
Tel. 305 32 60 791
Fax 305 32 60 927

Directora: Carmen M. García,
Coordinadora (Elementary): Jacqueline Sánchez,
Coordinadora (Middle): Maud Clark

Docente MECD: Rosa Pellicer

Sección española de Miami: Coral Way Bilingual K-8 Center

Coral Way Bilingual K-8 Center 

1950 SW, 13th Ave
Miami, FL 33145
Tel. 305 854 0515
Fax. 305 285 9632
Directora: Barbara Martin
Coordinadora (Elementary y Middle): Susan Martin
Docente MECD: Raul Muñoz

Sección española de Miami: George W. Carver Middle School

George W. Carver Middle School 

4901 Lincoln Drive
Miami, FL 33133
Tel. 305 444 7388
Fax. 305 529 5148

Directora: Shelley Stroleny
Coordinadora: Cristina Basso

Docente MECD: Mapi Gálvez

Sección española de Miami: International Studies Preparatory Academy

International Studies Preparatory Academy 

1570 Madruga Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Tel.: 305-663-7200

Directora: Alina Díaz-Blanco

Coordinadora: Montserrat Ledo

Docente MECD: Ascensión Jiménez

Sección española de Miami: International Studies Charter High School

International Studies Charter High School 

2480 SW 8TH St
Miami, FL 33135
Tel. 305 643 2955
Fax. 305 643 2956
Director: Victoriano Rodríguez
Docente MECD: Antonio Castillo

Sección española de Miami: North Dade Center for Modern Languages

North Dade Center for Modern Languages Elementary

1840 NW 157 St.
Miami Lakes, FL 33054
Tel. 305 625 3885
Fax. 305 625 6069

Directora: Dra. María Castaigne
Departamento de español: Mª Elena Alonso

Sección española de Miami: Sunset Elementary School

Sunset Elementary School 

5120 SW 72nd St
Miami, FL 33143
Tel.: 305 661 8527
Fax: 305 666 2327

Directora: Dra Marlene Leyte-Vidal
Coordinadora:  Teresa Pujol-Burns
Docentes MECD: Raquel Medina, Beatriz Torres

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