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The Neocave shows Altamira as it was between 35,000 and 13,000 years ago, when it was inhabited by different groups of hunter-gatherers. The Neocave is an exact three-dimensional replica of the actual cavern, based on scientific knowledge and the study of methods and materials used in prehistoric times. Visiting the Neocave will let you experience the Cave of Altamira and discover the habitat of its occupants and the beauty of the rock art they created there.


Evidence of the cave dwellers' daily lives is scattered across the large vestibule area, where archaeologists have found an abundance of animal remains, shells, charcoal bits and tools made of flint, horn or bone, traces of pigment and portable art objects.

Everyday activities were performed in the well-lit cave vestibule, while the areas where sunlight barely penetrated were reserved for expressing their meaningful thoughts. The polychrome ceiling, covered with bison, horses, deer, goats and painted and engraved signs, is truly astonishing. It is a masterpiece made by gifted painters and one of the most spectacular examples of rock art in the world. Altamira is famed for the quality of its paintings and engravings and the diversity of artistic techniques and styles used.

+ Information: Catalogue "Altamira, el primer arte" Link externo

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