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Temporary Exhibitions

Current exhibitions

Con sello propio

With its own stamp. Altamira, rockart and philately.

The temporary exhibition With its own stamp shows a variety of postal documents on prehistory and more particularly on rockart. The transcendence and universal value of the cave of Altamira have place it in the philatelic scene at an early stage. A look at the stamps and postal documents dedicated to Altamira enable us to trace its history and relevance through its most relevant moments, from the discovery to the most recent ones related to the Museo de Altamira itself. But not only in Spain Altamira inspired stamps have been issued. With this exhibition we will discover that many countries have used Altamira as the image of in stamps issues. Finally, we’ll have a look at the stamps with rockart images of other sites also included in the List of World Heritage.



¡Quién! | Andrea Juan

¡Quién! is a three-dimensional contemporary visual art installation. Andrea Juan invites us to participate and walk throught it to discover who were the perfomers of the art of Altamira, the most beautiful prehistory.

¡Quién! is an enthusiasm expression, a call for dreams and memories made up of basic geometrical forms; glass triangles, squares and circles that represent nature's fundamental elements: water, earth, air and fire. Air suspended mirrors at different heights partially reflect visitants, multiplying their images as they walk throught the installation.

Next exhibitions

Ice Age Europe Now


From 17 July

#IceAgeEuropeNow is a photo exhibition that aims to invite you to discover the European cultural heritage that we share and that goes back to Paleolithic. The exhibition is composed of a selection of high quality and large format pictures showing a comparative between images of our daily reality and images that evoke our ancestors lives during Paleolithic. They are pictures from different museums and archeological sites across Europe, all of them members of network Ice Age Europe as well as the Museo de Altamira. This exhibition has been jointly organized by the network members and developed and coordinated by Katrin Hieke and Gerd-Christian Weniger.

#IceAgeEuropeNow is also a network's projectcreated as a contribution to the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, this time devoted to foster the discovering of our common cultural heritage. The slogan for this year is: “Our heritage: where the past meets the future”.

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Past exhibitions

Territory of light. Arancha Goyeneche.

Sitio de los Dólmenes de Antequera. Intuición e intención en la obra de Javier Pérez González.

Arte y naturaleza en la Prehistoria. La colección de calcos del MNCN.

¿Acaso me nombras? Teresa Correa.

ora (bajo el cielo de la boca). Juan Zamora.

El largo viaje… De Altamira a la Cueva Pintada.

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