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Guided tours for school groups

In the singular exhibition The Times of Altamira, educators can use a variety of strategies to teach and learn in close contact with our cultural heritage. Our themed itineraries are available to educators who want to personally guide their groups through the Neocave and The Times of Altamira exhibition. When booking your group tour, you can also request the services of a museum guide.

  •  Guided tour of the Neocave
  •  Guided tour of the exhibition The Times of Altamira for Preschool and Primary pupils
  •  Guided tour The First Art for upper secondary pupils

Contact details: reserva.maltamira@mecd.ese-mail Telephone: +34 942 81 81 02 Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am–2 pm

Museo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira
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