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Jarrón Sèvres

[ Designing our environment ]

Our motto

Interpreting material culture and the ideas, values and attitudes associated with it –both past or present– to actively disseminate and contribute to creating a quality living environment from the perspective of social responsibility.


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Madrid Design Festival

[ Celebrate design ]

Madrid Design Festival

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II Muestra de Orfebrería y Joyería contemporáneas

[ Exhibitions ]

II Muestra de Orfebrería y Joyería contemporáneas


15.02.2018 I 01.05.2018

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los díez en los campos expandidos

[ Exposiciones ]

los díez en los campos expandidos. Diseño de producto y poesía visual

Inauguración: J22 de marzo, a las 19:00 h

Entrada libre hasta completar aforo

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El jueves y viernes santo el horario de apertura será de 10:00 a 15:00 h

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Whether you represent a company or are a fan of museums, decorative arts or design, the Museum offers several ways for you to collaborate.

Collaborate with the Museum and share our commitment to fostering the cultural enrichment of all citizens.

amigos del MNAD

At the Museum we want the collections and activities that we design to be accessible to media professionals.
That’s why we publish notes, press releases and images relating to the different exhibitions and events in this area.
We are also open to collaborating on proposals for reports, interviews with museum staff and recordings.


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