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Study in Spain

The education system in Spain

The Spanish education system is divided into the following:

University Studies

Access to university:
The “Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia” (UNED) is in charge of the whole examination process for potential students willing to enter Spanish universities.
Entrance exams for potential overseas studies

Information about university studies:

Programme of Spanish for foreign students in Spanish Universities 2013. Information.

Grants and Scholarships

Distance Learning

Spanish Courses for Overseas Students

For Spanish immersion courses in Spain, there is a wide network of public and private institutions which offer a range of courses:

Study in Spain Portal

At you can find:

Contextualiased information about language schools in relation to the towns where they are situated and their cultural and sightseeing opportunities.
Reliable information about the best language schools in Spain.
Useful information for overseas students including visas, registration procedures, fees, qualifications, accommodation, health and safety, bank accounts, etc.


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